Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The beginning.... of DOOM!

Well, firstly, welcome to my blog. I plan on relatively regularly updating with my thoughts on the world, life, etc.... but mostly video games. The great majority of these blog posts will center around video games first and foremost, second will probably be updates on my progress learning 3d modeling/animation.

So, it's quite convenient that on this, the day of the first post on my blog, I have stumbled upon a Gamasutra news post that my favorite book will have a video game based on it. This book is Ender's Game. Orson Scott Card has partnered with Chair Entertainment Group to 'create a series of video games based on the "Battle Room"'.
This is something I have long dreamt about. Whilst I had fantasized in said dream that I myself would have the honor to work on a game based on the Battle Room, I am none-the-less absolutely ecstatic about this. Besides, there's still their space combat game to work on...

My two main thoughts are: How will they translate the movement described in the book? As I recall, the participants were described as pushing off of the walls. To do this to get around would involve aiming your character one way, then having to get him to push off in another.... so how will they keep from making the camera have to whip back and forth from looking at where you're going and looking at the action? I can think of how this will be done of course, it doesn't take too much imagination.... but I can't think how they would preserve the ability to perform this unconventional method of locomotion while trying to hit moving targets which are doing the same thing. I suppose they may break it down to some sort of a cover system like Gears of War, where you never really WANT to shoot if you're not pressed behind cover(in this case, "Stars"). Though hopefully they can keep it from getting frustrating trying to navigate from cover to cover in the 3d spaces.

Secondly, and far more minor, is that the founders of Chair worked with Card on Advent Rising, which had somewhat mixed reviews.... some liked it, others didn't appreciate it so much. I just want to know it will be as great as it can be.

A third thought also came to mind.... how will they implement the concept of having body parts frozen? Ender implemented this to sheild one's self using the player's legs....

These thoughts are, of course, assuming that the game will work in a certain way. Primarily, i'm assuming that the game will give the player direct control over an individual player. Perhaps it will be a tactical game where the player takes on the role of the commander.

If you have any thoughts of your own, or have some sort of hypothetical answer to my questions, please comment.