Friday, September 25, 2009

Frustration and Elation

So, I'm at Ringling. I'm stoked to be here, teachers are awesome, I like my work that I'm doing, feel productive and that I'm learning a lot.

The only problem is that, though I got my PC sent over, it refuses to output any kind of image on my monitor. This is the same monitor that was functioning on it the week before my parents sent it over. I got someone to give me a ride to Best Buy to get a vga/dvi converter, but I got the dvi/vga instead, so it's useless. So not only can I not test the stupid thing out to see if it will work at all in my other port, but I can't get any animations done for the Thief's Tale.

On top of that, I have a shitload of nothing to show from school. Since my only camera is my spiffy cellphone which, for all its damned spiffiness, does NOT function with Macs(the school gives you a nice mac laptop for work, but no Maya). This means I can't upload sketches and whatnot to perform a public display of pride in the personal artistic strides I feel I'm making here.