Saturday, August 31, 2013

Animation, Artcamp, Awesomeness

I've neglected to post stuff to here for a while, so here's some update....

Finished my film about robots.

I gathered all my papers and notes from the process of that, so I'll do a few posts going over the whole process of making it, it's evolution, etc.

After that, I went and participated in Noah Bradley's Art Camp, which has been a ton of fun. Updates from that soon.

I had a surgery for a hernia, toward the end of that. I may post some pictures of my insides later on.

More recently I spent some time working on this

But I'm suffering from carpal tunnel at the moment, so that kind of stopped my progress on the SpiderBot for a bit. Expecting to get back to it soon, though =D

In between the Art Camp and resuming animating, I also started working on an independent game with some peeps. I'm really excited about that, and will start posting some updates from that when we get a little bit further along.

That's all, for now :)