Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Demo Reel

 Here's my demo reel, as of now. Will keep updating this and eventually migrate it to my website, as soon as that gets done.


Applied for the Hasbro workshop here at school. So here are some bits from that.
Gestures :D
Sit Stand character sculpt. This was the first time I tried a zbrush centric workflow. Made the sculpt, then retopologized with NEX, UV, back to zbrush to project normal/displacement maps and do more sculpting on the face(that's the one with the eye lids). Had some horrible problems, realized my UV's were overlapping, then couldn't transfer uv's from the fixed model for some reason, learned an interesting work around involving messing with the heirarchy of the shape node and the transform node. Over generalizing here to keep from rambling too much, but the point is, it was a hell of an adventure.
Push Pull model. Had some interesting adventures with the push pull project, too. This time it wasn't the main character, but the "squid-ball" he pulls off the rock that later attacks him. Maya on our render farm wasn't interpreting the IK's position properly for motion blur. Ended up having to render a section locally, a handful of frames at a time.
Did this as a demo to show some friends how zbrush works. 1h30m, I think? Also did a shrunken head in an hour, but have no idea where that file ended up.