Thursday, February 12, 2009


An idea that popped into my head to make a more realistic version of mario that weilds a giant sledgehammer, I considered showing him compacting the craniums of the Ninja Tutrles with it....but I like the Ninja Turtles, they have a close spot in my heart to my inner child. Perhaps I'll just make a ninja-esque Koopa Troopa? Or maybe he's just a stoned moron who smashes some little girl's helpless much potential!
One of the translators in the Game Design class. Yes, I realize her chair is floating.... artistic liberties I say!
Behold, the mighty hand! I should collect all of these drawings from the backs of worksheets and make a post with just those....
At some point I want to do some more abstract lettering, come up with a nice WildStyle.... haha, "bewegen"....was that a note one what it means? I think I can see "ove" to the right of it. So it's plausible it said move.
As I sat in class, somehow a caveman just magically appeared on my syllabus and distracted me from having to hear the teacher read aloud what I'd already seen on the paper :P Not that you can blame her, since so many people avoid reading the syllabus before they draw on it.
Some head sketches for my head drawing class. We have to do 10 per week. Hmmmm....this picture isn't too some point I endeavor to fix all of these....though I probably won't, since that same amount of time could be taken to redo most of the crappy ones.
Gestures of dolphins at SeaWorld. This, and the design of the skeleton character that I posted in November were in my portfolio, everything else here is just random sketchbook stuff.
The full body was sniped from some dude lingering at a counter for a bit.
I want to do more cowboy drawings....maybe later tonight....technically morning....stupid technicalities!
Someone mentioned Alice In Chains. I considered simply drawing Alice(Wonderland Alice), then adding a chain to her ankle. But then I figured that there's no reason for her to seem modest at all. If she's chained down, I feel it more fitting to be in a compromising state. This is another one I definitely want to work into a more impressive project at some point.

This goofy sailor also makes an appearance on the next page, in the form of marker ink bleeding through the page :P
Just having some fun....the big guy's hard hat has nothing to do with who he is, just a random addition I felt like putting in there. As a random note to myself, I think I'll call him Glago, and I have the sudden urge to develop him as a character.
I'd really like to do an illustration of this concept at some point....

Faces, and the muscle groups of the back. This was around when we were assigned an anatomy study to illustrate, so I'd been looking at a bunch of diagrams to see how the superficial muscles connect.
Various figure doodles.
Punk Rock Santas are the highlight of this one. I was going to draw one onto my friend's Guitar Hero controller(he has one of the blank white ones), but he didn't want Santa because it's too seasonal.

Leemurs and a punk rock santa. I liked the stylized heart, but I ruined it by not realizing that the markers wouldn't do well with the pen ink :-(
Bunch of random doodles, along with my attempt at making an excessively cute and cheeky Leemur.
So, this is a bunch of drawings I did when I had to wait all day at the Ottogar in Istanbul. I had no money, no objects to entertain me, no food, no I decided to suck myself into learning how to draw hands. I spent a couple of hours just sitting and staring....then slowly started drawing until it got dark.

That's it for now :D

Follow Up....

Not quite sure if I included all of these.... I'll check and edit it later....
Head I modeled the fall before last, intending to make blenshapes for it(hence the smirking one on the right), but I decided to move my efforts to other things, not to mention the fact that there are many high-quality, pre-made rigs that I can use for this....I hope to enter the 11secondclub contest this month, so I'll be sure to upload my entry at the end of the month.
Here's a shot of the render passes, for the game character I did for "Thief's Tale", along with the final output image for the game.... I really wish they could have been higher-res.... but "The Designer", alas, is not "A Programmer", though he is, unfortunately, "The Programmer". Though we do now have an actual programmer, so hopefully the new engine will allow us to have a higher resolution version.
Wire frame view of the skeleton model I decided to show off.

I was told that some 3d examples would be good, so here's a repost of the alien head I modeled in Maya. Though modeling, and more specifically texturing is not my thing, nor do I plan on it becoming my main "thing".This came with a huge, long winded description of the features of the rig I built. Actually, rigS in the plural. Since I rigged and animated 3 characters. Now I built another rig for a small project that I, unfortunately, am not allowed to talk about :(

I hope that I can one day not have to build my own rigs and can concentrate solely on animating....becasue this shit of having to spend half my constantly tiny time constraints on rigging is really getting annoying.
Another repost of a shot from the Catacomb I made for last March's Gnomon modelling competition.

Now I'm off to eat lunch, then get to work on that 11secondclub contest!

Ringling Portfolio!

So I finally found some motivation to update this thing....first things I have on hand are my life drawings, not sure where I left the images of my few other things....I'll acquire them shortly though. I will follow it up shortly with a pair of special life drawings I did at the start of this current semester. Everything is numbered in sequence, a few of them may be out of order, but if so, it's only by one or two spots.Early drawing, nothing too special.Van is by far one of the best models....too bad we don't seem to see much of him.Another early gesture drawing.These were some of the first pastel bits we did in life drawing, I believe this was the second set.More early gestures.I mainly like this one because I had a lot of fun with the style :)

I believe this was the second or third cloth practice we did. Pastel drawing, with the same pose taken afterward and charcoal to render the fabric.

I think this was my first set of pastel gestures....the numbers should reveal all to you.
This one was fun. Ink and white conte or something of the sort on a thick construction paper.More gestures!!

I'll go hunt down those other images now....