Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Right Handedness

Ok, so a while back my friend Adam decided that on one of the life drawing poses he'd draw with his right hand. Being left-handed, like myself, this was going to be quite the task for him. He pulled me into doing the same thing, and the two of use subsequently pressured Miguel into doing the same.

Adam's drawing was notably inferior to his primary hand. Miguel actually had nicer drawings when he went with his secondary(left).... so that was interesting.

Even though I worked super slowly, I was able to get a surprisingly good drawing out of my right arm. I followed it up with a second one. I feel like I should train this ability to draw alternately. Perhaps I can one day learn to draw with both hands at once, sketching roughs out with my right hand, and then following with a render through my left....right....

Well, I can dream, can't I?
Number 1

Number 2

Thursday, March 5, 2009

One Fine Day

with a woof an' purr, a baby was born and it caused a little stir.... does anyone but me remember the CatDog theme song?

Well, it doesn't matter, because on March 4th, I received my acceptance letter from Ringling!


Ok, now that that's out....

Today was, indeed, a fine day.

I started off the day by missing the first half hour of life drawing(oops!). Now, normally it really pisses me off when I miss warmups because it can be really hard for me to draw if I haven't gotten a few loose scribbles out first. I seem to always have to push out an ugly looking scribble before I can draw a coherent anything.

However, today I didn't have time for my warmup, and I decided to screw trying to get some gestures out of the model's longer pose in favor of just going for it. This turned out to be a good move, because I felt really good about that and the subsequent drawing I got out today(technically, yesterday). So it was only two, but I'm really quite pleased with them.

Aside from this, David(Patel) asked me to borrow my knife. I'm not sure where it went, so I apologized that I couldn't oblige. Fortunately, someone else noted a small steak knife they had found. David used the knife to tint his newsprint and gave it to me to add to my collection :-P

Yay! Free knife!

Then I went to lunch with friends, followed by head drawing. This class was time to follow up on the live drawings we started the previous class. I'm pretty happy with the head, as well. The result was, indeed, quite satisfying. I think Mike's going to mark me down if I don't get more light variation into it, so it's not quite done, but I like the way it's headed.

This was followed up by the Game Design class. It was an interesting class, focusing on story, and I came up with an interesting idea on navigating cutscenes that I don't believe has yet been implemented(I'll try to find time to elaborate on this in its own post). Adam called during the class. I'm actually kind of disappointed that the teacher didn't react quick enough to take my phone and answer before I hung up. I honestly forgot he had the policy, and was just trying to stop the noize ASAP.

I later found out that he called to invite me to go see Watchmen on Friday, to which I responded with a "Fuck, yeah!". I've been waiting in great anticipation for the movie, it looks interesting, and the comic has a reputation that I shouldn't even have to bring up.

This chat happened when I was right outside my house. As I walked to the door, I felt really happy with how the day had gone.

But wait! There's more!

Apparently that day had seen the arrival of a package. This package was from Ringling. I quickly figured that this meant I was surely accepted, since there's no reason to ship a package in order to tell someone they didn't make it in. Obviously, I was correct.

The interesting thing is, I have a strangely calm feeling about this whole thing. I move between being happy, to being almost indifferent, to being EXTREEEEEEEMELYFUCKINGEXCITED!! My thoughts range between feeling something along the lines of, "Well, no shit I got in." to "Man, I didn't really expect to get in."

Funny how our experience act as a sieve for our hindsight. I can't remember clearly how I felt about the whole thing in general. I know I ranged through different feelings on the matter, but I can't remember how I felt most of the time.

Well, I better be off to dreamland to get some rest. I have a rig to finish and begin animating tomorrow! Also, at some point(tomorrow, perhaps) I have a bunch of drawings I'd liketo upload. I don't know why, but I have obtained a specific lvoe for life drawing. When I draw figures from life, I feel like I could be there all day. The world could pass me by and I wouldn't care. I guess everyone has a simple activity that they find great joy in doing.