Monday, July 27, 2009

More Sketcheszzz!

So here is my drawing of a boxer from one of the sketch sessions.... I wasn't too happy with any of my characters that day.... so here are "The Mullet God", and some french or italian boxer. I had a few interesting ideas, but those ideas didn't turn out too well technically, so I'll get back to figuring them out a bit more in the visual department at a later point.

Here are two other random sketch pages. One with various vehicles I drew one day, and another with scribbles from a visit to the natural history museum. Crappy photo of hte second one, but it's not like many people read this that don't know me enough to have seen these physically :P

Thursday, July 23, 2009

More Sketchyness

A few sketches from our sitting drawing from Constantine.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Sketchyness Of Might!

We didn't have a warm-up for the flying creatures, since it ended up being just three of us that day.

Anyway, here are some of the flying creatures I sketched out:

The thing on the left is the fae of a non-sensical flying serpent that's thumbnaild at the bottom(circled). I was thinking it could live on some gaseous moon, where it pretyt much swims through the air. The thing on the right fits better into the diablo univers(IMO).

Lastly, a mystical floating frog man. When he drops his magic pinky, everyone that witnesses the event dies. His eyes glaze over so that he can't witness it, which protects him through the power of silly, literal clauses that seem to be so common in fantasy stories and lore.

But Wait!!

I mentioned in the previous post that I was photographing sketches.... does this mean....could it be?


I'm actually going to post some of the things I've been drawing for the past few weeks!! I finally found a little bit of motivation(insomnia) to photo/post.

I'm going to do several posts of drawings. In planning this will work out as an individual post for each of the sketch sessions, along with a few miscellaneous images here and there. I want to avoid posting in really large blocks and try to get myself a little more regular(fiber doesn't seem to help blog regularity like it does for bowels).

I opted out of posting the demon I designed the first day because I'm not that huge on the design, and hope to at least do a nicer version of it if I'm going to show it for all of the world to see.


Here's a little thing I drew just now, after taking a break from photographing a bunch of sketches.
Just a fun doodle with my wacom. Messed around with brushes a bit more extensively, and just scribbled until some kind of form began to evolve :)