Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Life Drawings

Here are some life drawings from earlier in the semester that I kept saying I'd post.

Ballpoint Pen Gestures. 30 seconds - 1 minute eachStereometric exercise, to study mass and volume. 5 minutes

This is where we started adding simple faces. 5 minute posesMore recent drawings. 7 minute poses

Friday, September 25, 2009

Frustration and Elation

So, I'm at Ringling. I'm stoked to be here, teachers are awesome, I like my work that I'm doing, feel productive and that I'm learning a lot.

The only problem is that, though I got my PC sent over, it refuses to output any kind of image on my monitor. This is the same monitor that was functioning on it the week before my parents sent it over. I got someone to give me a ride to Best Buy to get a vga/dvi converter, but I got the dvi/vga instead, so it's useless. So not only can I not test the stupid thing out to see if it will work at all in my other port, but I can't get any animations done for the Thief's Tale.

On top of that, I have a shitload of nothing to show from school. Since my only camera is my spiffy cellphone which, for all its damned spiffiness, does NOT function with Macs(the school gives you a nice mac laptop for work, but no Maya). This means I can't upload sketches and whatnot to perform a public display of pride in the personal artistic strides I feel I'm making here.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Here are some sketches form the movie Gladiator.
Haven't really decided what I want for the Diablo 3 class we were designing. My character was a soul eater, gets stronger based on how many enemies he's killed(counter's set to zero upon death), with various powers based on trapping souls, consuming souls, summoning spectres, allowing him to heal by consuming souls, etc.... the original concept was that the main direct effect of his soul consumption was that he grew bigger and stronger, from lookin malnourished upon start, to being large and in charge after consuming a few hundred.

Anyway, I have some small thumbnails, so I plan on developing them with at least some more defined silhouettes to post soon.

In the mean time, I'm going to be animating more for The Thief's Tale, and I am going to do a small, silly animation of a seal on my animation desk! Yes, classical 2d!!!! ZOMFG!!!!1!1one1!!!1!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

More Sketcheszzz!

So here is my drawing of a boxer from one of the sketch sessions.... I wasn't too happy with any of my characters that day.... so here are "The Mullet God", and some french or italian boxer. I had a few interesting ideas, but those ideas didn't turn out too well technically, so I'll get back to figuring them out a bit more in the visual department at a later point.

Here are two other random sketch pages. One with various vehicles I drew one day, and another with scribbles from a visit to the natural history museum. Crappy photo of hte second one, but it's not like many people read this that don't know me enough to have seen these physically :P

Thursday, July 23, 2009

More Sketchyness

A few sketches from our sitting drawing from Constantine.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Sketchyness Of Might!

We didn't have a warm-up for the flying creatures, since it ended up being just three of us that day.

Anyway, here are some of the flying creatures I sketched out:

The thing on the left is the fae of a non-sensical flying serpent that's thumbnaild at the bottom(circled). I was thinking it could live on some gaseous moon, where it pretyt much swims through the air. The thing on the right fits better into the diablo univers(IMO).

Lastly, a mystical floating frog man. When he drops his magic pinky, everyone that witnesses the event dies. His eyes glaze over so that he can't witness it, which protects him through the power of silly, literal clauses that seem to be so common in fantasy stories and lore.

But Wait!!

I mentioned in the previous post that I was photographing sketches.... does this mean....could it be?


I'm actually going to post some of the things I've been drawing for the past few weeks!! I finally found a little bit of motivation(insomnia) to photo/post.

I'm going to do several posts of drawings. In planning this will work out as an individual post for each of the sketch sessions, along with a few miscellaneous images here and there. I want to avoid posting in really large blocks and try to get myself a little more regular(fiber doesn't seem to help blog regularity like it does for bowels).

I opted out of posting the demon I designed the first day because I'm not that huge on the design, and hope to at least do a nicer version of it if I'm going to show it for all of the world to see.


Here's a little thing I drew just now, after taking a break from photographing a bunch of sketches.
Just a fun doodle with my wacom. Messed around with brushes a bit more extensively, and just scribbled until some kind of form began to evolve :)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Depression Extreme

So it seems that I somehow overwrote a folder with various animations I did with an older version of that folder from another computer in the mac labs at school. I hadn't opened up that specific folder for a while to notice it, however. Now the drives at the mac labs are going to be wiped, and I lack several files of relatively high importance....


Now I'm not sure what to do. I wanted to get all of this done by the end of this month, but this is a severe setback. I sent a scale-back proposal to fall back on so that things can still be finished according to schedule. Well, my personally intended schedule, at least.

I should end this post and set up a plan for how to finish everything according to schedule and avoid having to scale back on any features(specifically, a higher resolution version of the animations).

Off to planning I go! Then to sculpting :D

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Productivity Abound!

Well, it's beena long time since I've breathed life unto any new posts on any of my blogs.... this isn't because I stopped doing anything. On the contrary, i've been relatively busy and like applying my time more to working on things than showing them off to the world. While I realize it's contrary to the general purpose of this blog, I have been quite productive :)

I didn't get the internship I was hoping for at Incinerator, and the few other ones I found and applied for didn't respond.... so let us(me) release a collective(but really singular) sigh in light of this unfortunate news.... *sigh*

Anyhoo, I'm still working on things. Haven't been able to animate, since I can't get Maya installed properly on my new computer.... but it does run very fast when I open up the internet :)

I have a small list of the aforementioned "various things" I've been working on:

Firstly, I joined a sculpting class. It's fun, I as least feel like I'm learning something, though the proof will be in the pudding(which will hopefully look more like a finely crafted female figure).

I am going to do two small 2d animations.

I am going to finalize my god damned animation desk that I started building last fall. Well, I built it relatively quickly, but it was a painfully long while before I could move it into my room and USE it. Now I want to make some changes.

I've been quite productive in a sketch group I started with some artist friends. We practice quick sketches for a few hours, then spend the rest of the day designing various characters according to a specific theme(I'll post more on this a little later....which will hopefully not be a month from now). I just got back from an 11 hour long session about an hour ago :)

The follow ups to these designs will be digital paintings of the designs. So hopefully I can get some amount of good experience in digital painting from that.

Will be working on a small iTouch game. Not going to say anything about it, because I haven't even cemented the story/visual style(which is the most important aspect that I'm working on).

Also, I'm going to start painting traditionally!! :D I'll either do my first attempt on sunday or monday.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Last week in the Game Design class I was asked if I could draw a zombie ant. I made the mistake of saying yes, which merited the response to do it immeadiatly. So I went up to the whiteboard and started scribbling with a marker, not knowing what the HELL I was doing. I mean, I didn't even have the vaguest idea of what a zombie and should look like.

I still don't have too good of an idea, but I'm proud to say that I did end up with some kind of image, or image-esque thing on the board that seemed to be mildly entertaining to the student body.

I'll rotate the image at a later date, I just felt like posting it up now, rather than post-poning for a month.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Demo Reel

I created a demo reel to apply for various internships. I am currently most hopeful for Incinerator. They're near by, and either the EA or Insomniac internships would likely have to pay substantially just so that I can simply break even(with paying to live in LA and all). Since I'm going to go to Ringling, however, I'll be needing all of the money I can get!

So, anyways, here's my demo reel that I created to apply for various internships.

March 2009 Demo Reel from Anguel Bogoev on Vimeo.

I plan on replacing the 11 second club animation with whatever I animate this month, since that was my first attempt at character animation, and I'm sure this one will be much better(especially since I gots more time :P ). Or perhaps I'll animate to last month's audio, since I really liked it, but didn't have time because I had to finish up my contract-work.

Also, I created a portfolio blog. The video is viewable there, as well, along with my resume. I read somewhere(perhaps it was the Insomniac site) that said that, upon linking to a blog with work, they want to see recent work only, not a large page with your progression.

Thus, I decided to have a dedicated portfolio blog, which will only ever have two posts(with my most recent demo reel and resume). I hope you all enjoy! :D

Student Gallery!

Ok, so I was feeling disappointed in myself the previous week. I have become so dedicated to art and progression. Yet I haven't made the effort to submit a more presentable work to a gallery of any kind. I didn't submit anything to the Bavura(Palomar's art catalogue), and I had overlooked submitting something in the student gallery. Luckily, Mike asked for some life drawings from David and I, to put up in the student exhibit! I was stoked, and grabbed my favorite life drawings to submit. I didn't get to submit my latest head drawing project(which I am quite proud of), but I'm personally more "into" life drawing, anyways. I'll post pics of the two life drawings and the head drawing soon :)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Right Handedness

Ok, so a while back my friend Adam decided that on one of the life drawing poses he'd draw with his right hand. Being left-handed, like myself, this was going to be quite the task for him. He pulled me into doing the same thing, and the two of use subsequently pressured Miguel into doing the same.

Adam's drawing was notably inferior to his primary hand. Miguel actually had nicer drawings when he went with his secondary(left).... so that was interesting.

Even though I worked super slowly, I was able to get a surprisingly good drawing out of my right arm. I followed it up with a second one. I feel like I should train this ability to draw alternately. Perhaps I can one day learn to draw with both hands at once, sketching roughs out with my right hand, and then following with a render through my left....right....

Well, I can dream, can't I?
Number 1

Number 2

Thursday, March 5, 2009

One Fine Day

with a woof an' purr, a baby was born and it caused a little stir.... does anyone but me remember the CatDog theme song?

Well, it doesn't matter, because on March 4th, I received my acceptance letter from Ringling!


Ok, now that that's out....

Today was, indeed, a fine day.

I started off the day by missing the first half hour of life drawing(oops!). Now, normally it really pisses me off when I miss warmups because it can be really hard for me to draw if I haven't gotten a few loose scribbles out first. I seem to always have to push out an ugly looking scribble before I can draw a coherent anything.

However, today I didn't have time for my warmup, and I decided to screw trying to get some gestures out of the model's longer pose in favor of just going for it. This turned out to be a good move, because I felt really good about that and the subsequent drawing I got out today(technically, yesterday). So it was only two, but I'm really quite pleased with them.

Aside from this, David(Patel) asked me to borrow my knife. I'm not sure where it went, so I apologized that I couldn't oblige. Fortunately, someone else noted a small steak knife they had found. David used the knife to tint his newsprint and gave it to me to add to my collection :-P

Yay! Free knife!

Then I went to lunch with friends, followed by head drawing. This class was time to follow up on the live drawings we started the previous class. I'm pretty happy with the head, as well. The result was, indeed, quite satisfying. I think Mike's going to mark me down if I don't get more light variation into it, so it's not quite done, but I like the way it's headed.

This was followed up by the Game Design class. It was an interesting class, focusing on story, and I came up with an interesting idea on navigating cutscenes that I don't believe has yet been implemented(I'll try to find time to elaborate on this in its own post). Adam called during the class. I'm actually kind of disappointed that the teacher didn't react quick enough to take my phone and answer before I hung up. I honestly forgot he had the policy, and was just trying to stop the noize ASAP.

I later found out that he called to invite me to go see Watchmen on Friday, to which I responded with a "Fuck, yeah!". I've been waiting in great anticipation for the movie, it looks interesting, and the comic has a reputation that I shouldn't even have to bring up.

This chat happened when I was right outside my house. As I walked to the door, I felt really happy with how the day had gone.

But wait! There's more!

Apparently that day had seen the arrival of a package. This package was from Ringling. I quickly figured that this meant I was surely accepted, since there's no reason to ship a package in order to tell someone they didn't make it in. Obviously, I was correct.

The interesting thing is, I have a strangely calm feeling about this whole thing. I move between being happy, to being almost indifferent, to being EXTREEEEEEEMELYFUCKINGEXCITED!! My thoughts range between feeling something along the lines of, "Well, no shit I got in." to "Man, I didn't really expect to get in."

Funny how our experience act as a sieve for our hindsight. I can't remember clearly how I felt about the whole thing in general. I know I ranged through different feelings on the matter, but I can't remember how I felt most of the time.

Well, I better be off to dreamland to get some rest. I have a rig to finish and begin animating tomorrow! Also, at some point(tomorrow, perhaps) I have a bunch of drawings I'd liketo upload. I don't know why, but I have obtained a specific lvoe for life drawing. When I draw figures from life, I feel like I could be there all day. The world could pass me by and I wouldn't care. I guess everyone has a simple activity that they find great joy in doing.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


An idea that popped into my head to make a more realistic version of mario that weilds a giant sledgehammer, I considered showing him compacting the craniums of the Ninja Tutrles with it....but I like the Ninja Turtles, they have a close spot in my heart to my inner child. Perhaps I'll just make a ninja-esque Koopa Troopa? Or maybe he's just a stoned moron who smashes some little girl's helpless turtles....so much potential!
One of the translators in the Game Design class. Yes, I realize her chair is floating.... artistic liberties I say!
Behold, the mighty hand! I should collect all of these drawings from the backs of worksheets and make a post with just those....
At some point I want to do some more abstract lettering, come up with a nice WildStyle.... haha, "bewegen"....was that a note one what it means? I think I can see "ove" to the right of it. So it's plausible it said move.
As I sat in class, somehow a caveman just magically appeared on my syllabus and distracted me from having to hear the teacher read aloud what I'd already seen on the paper :P Not that you can blame her, since so many people avoid reading the syllabus before they draw on it.
Some head sketches for my head drawing class. We have to do 10 per week. Hmmmm....this picture isn't too contrasty....at some point I endeavor to fix all of these....though I probably won't, since that same amount of time could be taken to redo most of the crappy ones.
Gestures of dolphins at SeaWorld. This, and the design of the skeleton character that I posted in November were in my portfolio, everything else here is just random sketchbook stuff.
The full body was sniped from some dude lingering at a counter for a bit.
I want to do more cowboy drawings....maybe later tonight....technically morning....stupid technicalities!
Someone mentioned Alice In Chains. I considered simply drawing Alice(Wonderland Alice), then adding a chain to her ankle. But then I figured that there's no reason for her to seem modest at all. If she's chained down, I feel it more fitting to be in a compromising state. This is another one I definitely want to work into a more impressive project at some point.

This goofy sailor also makes an appearance on the next page, in the form of marker ink bleeding through the page :P
Just having some fun....the big guy's hard hat has nothing to do with who he is, just a random addition I felt like putting in there. As a random note to myself, I think I'll call him Glago, and I have the sudden urge to develop him as a character.
I'd really like to do an illustration of this concept at some point....

Faces, and the muscle groups of the back. This was around when we were assigned an anatomy study to illustrate, so I'd been looking at a bunch of diagrams to see how the superficial muscles connect.
Various figure doodles.
Punk Rock Santas are the highlight of this one. I was going to draw one onto my friend's Guitar Hero controller(he has one of the blank white ones), but he didn't want Santa because it's too seasonal.

Leemurs and a punk rock santa. I liked the stylized heart, but I ruined it by not realizing that the markers wouldn't do well with the pen ink :-(
Bunch of random doodles, along with my attempt at making an excessively cute and cheeky Leemur.
So, this is a bunch of drawings I did when I had to wait all day at the Ottogar in Istanbul. I had no money, no objects to entertain me, no food, no water....so I decided to suck myself into learning how to draw hands. I spent a couple of hours just sitting and staring....then slowly started drawing until it got dark.

That's it for now :D

Follow Up....

Not quite sure if I included all of these.... I'll check and edit it later....
Head I modeled the fall before last, intending to make blenshapes for it(hence the smirking one on the right), but I decided to move my efforts to other things, not to mention the fact that there are many high-quality, pre-made rigs that I can use for this....I hope to enter the 11secondclub contest this month, so I'll be sure to upload my entry at the end of the month.
Here's a shot of the render passes, for the game character I did for "Thief's Tale", along with the final output image for the game.... I really wish they could have been higher-res.... but "The Designer", alas, is not "A Programmer", though he is, unfortunately, "The Programmer". Though we do now have an actual programmer, so hopefully the new engine will allow us to have a higher resolution version.
Wire frame view of the skeleton model I decided to show off.

I was told that some 3d examples would be good, so here's a repost of the alien head I modeled in Maya. Though modeling, and more specifically texturing is not my thing, nor do I plan on it becoming my main "thing".This came with a huge, long winded description of the features of the rig I built. Actually, rigS in the plural. Since I rigged and animated 3 characters. Now I built another rig for a small project that I, unfortunately, am not allowed to talk about :(

I hope that I can one day not have to build my own rigs and can concentrate solely on animating....becasue this shit of having to spend half my constantly tiny time constraints on rigging is really getting annoying.
Another repost of a shot from the Catacomb I made for last March's Gnomon modelling competition.

Now I'm off to eat lunch, then get to work on that 11secondclub contest!