Friday, November 11, 2011

Still Life

This is a texturing/lighting project from last semester that I decided to make a little video of the process for. I've been saving stuff from my Push/Pull, too, so that will pop up soon. I think I'm going to keep this as a theme.

Thursday, November 10, 2011


DFA assignment turned in today. As with everything, there's so much that still needs to be done to it, but it will have to wait.
We started with thumbnails. I found it interesting to make random scribbles at high res, take a little section, then scale it down and back up so it loses resolution. The interpolation it does when it scales back up looks interesting, I think, as well as noise filters. Had a ton of fun.
Then we had to make some kind of sense of these things using characters we made in a previous assignment.
Then we picked one and ran with it, which is how I got the final at top. Some progress from the Push/Pull project. First one's my first render when I threw some lights in there, I love seeing where things start compared to where they end. It's interesting to see things so raw, with all the stand-in of where things get comped, where the bush goes, etc....
This is closer to where it's at, at the moment. Also, the basic blend shapes of my PP character. I just thought this was funny. He can do basic emoting now, but I plan on expanding the capacity of his facial rig after the semester is over, spend the winter making something REALLY pliable. Will post the animation when it's done :D