Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Last week in the Game Design class I was asked if I could draw a zombie ant. I made the mistake of saying yes, which merited the response to do it immeadiatly. So I went up to the whiteboard and started scribbling with a marker, not knowing what the HELL I was doing. I mean, I didn't even have the vaguest idea of what a zombie and should look like.

I still don't have too good of an idea, but I'm proud to say that I did end up with some kind of image, or image-esque thing on the board that seemed to be mildly entertaining to the student body.

I'll rotate the image at a later date, I just felt like posting it up now, rather than post-poning for a month.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Demo Reel

I created a demo reel to apply for various internships. I am currently most hopeful for Incinerator. They're near by, and either the EA or Insomniac internships would likely have to pay substantially just so that I can simply break even(with paying to live in LA and all). Since I'm going to go to Ringling, however, I'll be needing all of the money I can get!

So, anyways, here's my demo reel that I created to apply for various internships.

March 2009 Demo Reel from Anguel Bogoev on Vimeo.

I plan on replacing the 11 second club animation with whatever I animate this month, since that was my first attempt at character animation, and I'm sure this one will be much better(especially since I gots more time :P ). Or perhaps I'll animate to last month's audio, since I really liked it, but didn't have time because I had to finish up my contract-work.

Also, I created a portfolio blog. The video is viewable there, as well, along with my resume. I read somewhere(perhaps it was the Insomniac site) that said that, upon linking to a blog with work, they want to see recent work only, not a large page with your progression.

Thus, I decided to have a dedicated portfolio blog, which will only ever have two posts(with my most recent demo reel and resume). I hope you all enjoy! :D

Student Gallery!

Ok, so I was feeling disappointed in myself the previous week. I have become so dedicated to art and progression. Yet I haven't made the effort to submit a more presentable work to a gallery of any kind. I didn't submit anything to the Bavura(Palomar's art catalogue), and I had overlooked submitting something in the student gallery. Luckily, Mike asked for some life drawings from David and I, to put up in the student exhibit! I was stoked, and grabbed my favorite life drawings to submit. I didn't get to submit my latest head drawing project(which I am quite proud of), but I'm personally more "into" life drawing, anyways. I'll post pics of the two life drawings and the head drawing soon :)